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We choose Specialized because we believe in the added value of the brand. Specialized is a progressive brand that is always working to take cycling to the next level. This is expressed in the bicycles, parts, and accessories that perform to the best of their ability and are particularly pleasant to use. The Specialized bicycles fit perfectly with our philosophy that we want to provide you with carefree cycling pleasure.

When 24-year-old Mike Sinyard founded Specialized in 1974, he had no idea what a pioneering role the company would play in the bicycle market a few years later. Today – more than 40 years later – Specialized is one of the pioneering bike brands ever. Whether mountain bike, racing bike, or trekking bike – in each segment Specialized influenced the development in a decisive way.

What Distinguishes Specialized Bikes?


  • Pioneering technology
  • Appealing optics
  • High-quality wheels in all price segments

The founder of Specialized, Mike Sinyard, is one of the absolute mountain bike pioneers along with people like Gary Fischer, Tom Ritchey, and Joe Breeze. Specialized bikes have always been among the very best on the market.

The Beginnings: Mountain Bikes

In its early years, the company focused on the production of bicycle tires. But in 1981 the “Stumpjumper” appeared as the first mass-produced mountain bike on the market. The model has been continuously further developed so that today a full-suspension bike is available under this name, which has absolutely nothing in common with the once rigid bike. But this model is a real cycling legend! To mark the 25th anniversary of the model, the book “Stumpjumper: 25 Years of Mountain Biking” will be published, which, as the title suggests, is dedicated exclusively to this bike. The wheels of the Californian company have always been characterized by their technical superiority over the competition. As early as 1989, the “Epic” used carbon fibers to reinforce the frame. This laid the foundation for the development of carbon bicycle frames. The Epic is still one of the manufacturer’s pioneering models today! Both in the hardtail version and as a fully, the bike is unbeatable on the cross-country and marathon routes of this world in the fight for rankings and against the clock!

Successes On The Road

Thanks to a lot of technical know-how and the use of modern materials, Specialized was able to quickly establish itself in road cycling. This is anything but a matter of course, after all, unlike the mountain bike, it was heavily dominated by traditional manufacturers.

One of Specialized’s first road bike models was the “Allez”. You can see Kevin Costner riding a Specialized Allez in the 1985 road bike movie American Flyers! Today, the manufacturer’s top models are the aero racer “Venge”, the road racing bike “Tarmac” and the triathlon and time trial bike “Shiv”.

Riders such as two-time road world champion Peter Sagen, former world time trial champion Tony Martin and multiple Tour de France winner Alberto Contador have achieved many of their great successes on these bikes.

Which Specialized E-bikes Are The Most Popular?

Of the Specialized e-bikes, the Specialized e-mountain bikes are definitely the most popular. But the Specialized trekking e-bikes are also impressive.

Here is a selection of the most popular model series:

  • Specialized Levo – Unlimited trail fun with these high-end E-MTBs.
  • Specialized Kenevo – An enduro e-bike for difficult terrain.

What Are The Best Specialized Mountain Bikes?

Specialized was born in 1974 with a small line of high quality tires, but quickly grew from that point. By 1981, the brand was already recognized widely as an innovator in the bicycle world, and they were about to push things even further with the launch of the first production mountain bike -- the Stumpjumper. In the decades since, the Specialized name has become synonymous with progression in all disciplines of cycling. Whether your jam is on the road or in the woods or a little bit of everything, Specialized has something to match your style.

Hardly any other brand is as closely associated with the development of mountain bikes as Specialized! Almost every Specialized mountain bike makes the hearts of mountain bikers beat faster all over the world.

Here is a selection of the most popular model series:

  • Specialized Stumpjumper – The cult mountain bike for professionals and amateur athletes.
  • Specialized Epic – Epic XC fully sets new standards.
  • Specialized Pitch – Hardtails for beginners at the best prices.
  • Specialized Enduro – Fully designed for difficult off-road rides.

Which Specialized Road Bikes Are Popular?

Specialized road bikes stand for maximum performance on the road. And if you still want to move quickly away from the asphalt, the Specialized cyclocross bikes are the best choice.

Here is a selection of the most popular model series:

  • Specialized Tarmac – Probably one of the best and most well-thought-out road bikes that you can buy on the market.
  • Specialized Allez – Aerodynamic and lightweight racing bike for both beginners and advanced riders.
  • Specialized Roubaix – Endurance geometry and a comfortable frame ensure that fatigue becomes a foreign word

Which Specialized Cross Bikes / Fitness Bikes Are There?

All relevant components of a Specialized cross or fitness bike are state-of-the-art and allow carefree and safe riding.

Here is a selection of the most popular model series:

  • Specialized Sirrus – A real fitness bike that has been washed with all water.

Does Specialized Also Make Children’s Bikes?

Yes! And the Specialized children’s bikes are in no way inferior to the models for adults. Doe

Here is a selection of the most popular model series:

  • Specialized Riprock
  • Specialized Hotrock

Looking for a Specialized kids bike with a specific wheel size? Use the following filters to find the right model:

  • Specialized 20 inch children’s bike
  • Specialized 24 inch children’s bike