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The mission of Marin Bikes is to make cycling fun and comfortable. This applies whether you ride challenging routes on MTB, try your hand at road racing, go on cycling holidays or just roll around the neighborhood. Mountain bikes, racing bikes, or city ​​bikes. Choose the model that best suits your needs and interests! If you need extra speed across the field, you can of course enjoy e-bikes with powerful Shimano engines

Marin Bikes On Sale

The Marin brand is becoming more popular by the year and has many different models to offer. From gravel racers with a steel frame to full suspension mountain bikes with a carbon frame. Marin is known for its quality combined with the versatility of the bikes for the novice gravel racer to the experienced mountain biker.

Marin Bikes

Bob Buckley, from Marin County, California, started mountain biking in the mid-’80s. At first just to stay healthy and in shape, the twenty-something quickly developed a great passion for the new hobby.

From hobby to profession

At that time, mountain bikes were still a relatively young development and not nearly as well developed as they are today. If you wanted a top bike, you screwed and welded your own frame. Buckley, who showed great talent here and whose self-developed bikes were also well received by friends and acquaintances, founded Marin Bikes in 1986 together with a few other cycling enthusiasts. The new company’s first bike, the Madrone Trail, became a sales success (at least in California and the surrounding area). Efficiency, stability, sporty design, and last but not least, an affordable end customer price ensured a good reputation right from the start.

Top-quality bikes at affordable prices

Beginning in 1988, Marin produced one of the world’s first mass-produced titanium MTBs, the “Marin Team Titanium”, which became a huge success. Marin was thus able to secure itself financially to the extent that an expansion of the range was possible.

Full suspension, monocoque frames, and, above all, the quad-link design, which is now almost a legend, have characterized Marin’s bikes ever since. With more than 30 years of history, Marin is now considered one of the most prestigious mountain bike manufacturers in the world.

Perfectly tuned mountain bikes

The Marin range can be roughly divided into mountain bikes on the one hand and road bikes on the other. Mountain bikes still make up the majority of the wheels produced. Whether with full suspension or as a hardtail: Marin MTBs are always fun and at the same time offer stable and therefore safe riding pleasure. Especially the models of the last few years are characterized by extremely good balance and thus enable even faster descents.

Marin is also fun on asphalt

The road bikes of Marin’s “Pavement” series clearly show their descent from mountain bikes. The roadsters are sporty, agile, and above all, without unnecessary frills. Whether for everyday use, extended bike tours at the weekend, or the sporty time trial challenge in between On the Marin Pavement bikes, you always cut an extremely good figure in any weather.

E-bikes with extra power

Of course, Marin now also offers e-bikes with additional electric assistance up to 25 km/h. For both the road and the trail, the company offers suitable models with powerful batteries and excellent, continuously variable Shimano transmissions. Especially with the e-MTB, the stepless engagement of the motor can contribute significantly to the fun but also to the safety on the trail. Since there is no sudden boost or drop in power, you sit more securely in the saddle and can fully concentrate on the ride and surroundings.

So what will it be?

Fully or Hardtail? E-Bike or S-Pedelec? Diamond or trapezoidal frame? Are you unclear about frame size, color selection, or useful components? We have a wide range of inexpensive bicycles and e-bikes for you in our online shop. It’s not easy to make the right decision… We’re happy to help!