Good bikes are built by those who are close to the sport, close to the market and close to the customer. That's why FOCUS still manufactures in Germany. This makes it possible to combine the skills of designers and engineers, to drive product innovations and to deliver convincing quality all around. At the beginning of every development is you, the rider, as the idea generator and essential input of every new design. This means that the rider is at the center of every development. After all, on the bike it's all about maximum riding fun, about pushing your own limits - on a bike that you like to call your own, that doesn't slow you down, but pushes you forward.

Buy Focus Bikes Conveniently Online

Focus Bikes offer the right bike for all performance levels in every sporty segment. Both top athletes and recreational athletes will find the right equipment for competitions or training purposes at Focus. In addition to the extensive repertoire in the sports sector, the Focus bicycle brand offers excellent value for money. The German production and marketing location in Cloppenburg, Lower Saxony, stands for quality worldwide and reflects the first-class workmanship and long service life of the high-quality Focus bikes.

The Strengths Of Focus:

The core segment of Focus is fast and high-quality sports bikes on- and off-road. The development takes place closely with supporting professional athletes such as the AG2R UCI ProTour Team. Modern materials and high-quality components result in high-performance bikes for competitive athletes and cyclists with high demands on function, workmanship, and design.

Why You Should Choose A Focus Bike:

  • Do you want your new sports bike to play first fiddle in competitions and secure a place on the podium? With a Focus mountain bike or road bike, this becomes a reality.
  • The successes of the professional teams and countless test wins are proof of the high quality and best function of the bikes.

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About Focus: The Brand And The Company

The Focus brand is a premium brand from Derby Cycle Werke and was introduced in 1992. While only sporty mountain bikes were produced at the beginning, the product range was expanded to include trekking bikesracing bikes, and special triathlon bikes in the years that followed. In 2006 the first Focus carbon frame was made. Especially in the road segment and especially in time trials, more and more professionals are turning to Focus carbon frames. While the company initially only had six mountain bikes in its product range, the numerous different Focus bikes are available in over 60 different countries. Except for the raw frame production, the Focus bikes are completely developed and manufactured in Germany and are therefore a showcase product of German engineering work.

Top Models From Focus

  • Focus Arriba: A guarantee for driving fun on paved roads, in the city, as well as on long bike rides at the weekend.
  • Focus Black Forest: Typical aluminum hardtail. In the usual high Focus quality. The models stand for extremely sporty handling.
  • Focus Cayo: The fast racing bikes from Focus. Very low weight but still high rigidity characterize these racing bikes.
  • Focus Crater Lake: Wide range of applications with solid components at an attractive price.
  • Focus Izalco: This bike has everything a road bike needs – a light, stiff frame with an aggressive riding position
  • Focus Jarifa: The Jarifa e-bikes are characterized above all by powerful motors and sporty, fast handling. You can get Jarifa models as an e-mountain bike version or as a street e-cross bike suitable for everyday use.
  • Focus Jam: With the Jam series, Focus has technically the finest all-mountain bikes for great trail fun in its range.
  • Focus Mares: Suitable for cross-country racers but also for urban bikers. These cyclocross models combine the advantages of mountain bikes and racing bikes.
  • Focus Sam: The Sam by Focus was built for high alpine use with a focus on the downhill.
  • Focus Paralane: The Paralane racing bike is fully geared towards comfort and long tours thanks to its geometry, material, and tube cross-sections.
  • Focus Planet: The Urban Bike was developed primarily for use in the city. The belt drive with hub gears makes it particularly suitable for frequent cyclists who are looking for a robust and low-maintenance bike for daily use.
  • Focus Raven: Cross Country Marathon Hardtails were developed for the racetracks on which the Focus Racing Team has already had some success with these models.
  • Focus Whistler: The perfect everyday hardtail mountain bike from Focus. Quite comfortable and satisfying even on longer tours.
  • Focus Throne: Pedelecs for extensive tours in moderate terrain that cut a fine figure both uphill and downhill.

Which Focus E-bikes Are The Most Popular?

The German manufacturer Focus has its roots in the mountain bike segment, which they have skilfully transferred to the orientation of their e-bike fleet.

The most popular Focus e-bikes :

  • Focus Whistler2: Powerful e-hardtails at attractive prices.
  • Focus Thron2: E-Full Suspension suitable for off-road use for versatile touring riders.
  • Focus Planet2: Long-distance e-trekking bikes for frequent riders.
  • Focus Jam2: Powerful full suspension electric mountain bikes with a long-range.
  • Focus Aventura2: E-hardtails suitable for touring for journeys on all routes.
  • Focus Jarifa2: Stylish e-hardtails with a large battery.
  • Focus Paralane2: Fast e-racing bikes for riding fun on all route profiles.
  • Focus Sam2: Downhill-oriented electric full suspension with long spring deflections.
  • Focus Bold2: High-quality e-hardtails with comfortable Plus tires.
  • Focus Raven2: Lightning-fast e-hardtails for extensive cross-country adventures.

What Are The Best Focus Mountain Bikes?

Focus Mountain bikes

Focus knows better than almost any other manufacturer how to build competitive mountain bikes with a unique design. Many can look good – but being so successful at the same time is thanks to intensive development work and close cooperation with professional teams.

The best mountain bikes from Focus :

  • Focus Jam: Downhill-oriented enduro bikes for demanding technical trails.
  • Focus Raven: Competition hardtails for fast XC races.
  • Focus Whistler: Inexpensive hardtails for sporty beginners and occasional riders.
  • Focus O1E: Balanced full suspension for every terrain.
  • Focus Sam: long-stroke enduro bikes for unlimited trail fun.

Which Focus Racing Bikes Are There?

With the racing bikes from Focus, you are at the start with absolutely competitive material, whether for demanding cyclocross or performance-oriented road races. But with the Paralane, Focus also has a powerful all-rounder in its range for basic training and adventurous bike marathons.

No matter which model you choose – with a Focus racing bike you have the ideal partner for your favorite sport at your side.

Here is an overview of the Focus road bikes :

  • Focus Paralane: Lightweight road bikes for training and touring.
  • Focus Mares: Agile cyclocrossers for maximum off-road performance.
  • Focus Izalco: Powerful racing bikes for performance-oriented riders.

Which Cross Bikes / Fitness Bikes From Focus Are Popular?

You don’t necessarily need a mountain bike for sporty off-road rides – with the Crater Lake model series, Focus provides universal cross bikes for dynamic rides on all routes.

You don’t need a racing bike for high speed on the road either – with the Arriba series, Focus provides you with fast fitness bikes for sporty rides on asphalt.

The hottest cross bikes/fitness bikes from Focus :

  • Focus Crater Lake: Dynamic cross bike series for sporty rides on all routes.
  • Focus Arriba: Lightning-fast fitness bikes for quick rides on well-maintained routes.

Does Focus Also Make Children’s Bikes?

Focus Bikes for kids

If you want to be a good mountain biker, you have to practice early on – so you can give your child an excellent start with an MTB from the Raven series with a Focus children’s bike.

From primary school age, the Focus Raven Rookie 20 with 20-inch wheels is perfect for the first attempts at driving off-road. In the further course, your child is equipped with a Focus Raven Rookie 24 just as well as the MTBs of adults, but with an age-appropriate weight and easy operation.

Here is an overview of our Focus bikes that have wheel sizes for children:

  • Focus children’s bike 20 inch
  • Focus children’s bike 24 inch

Your children will benefit greatly from the experience gained in this age group, so you should keep fitting better in order to be able to keep up with your kids in the future.