A bike is not just a means of transportation, cycling is a way of life. Environmentally and health-conscious, you benefit from the latest technology and get to your destination quickly and safely.

We have the largest selection of bicycles in Chicago

From electric women’s bikes to mountain bikes, children’s bikes, and much more!

In addition to a large selection of bicycles, we also have a large selection of accessories. Bicycle accessories and spare parts assortment. Whether it’s bicycle advice, a purchase, a repair, or one-on-one consultation.

With us, you will meet a competent team that will be happy to help and advise you based on many years of experience and specialist knowledge.

We are passionate about cycling and want to see the bike and our clients move. After all, riding a bike is a unique type of liberation: it provides mobility and keeps the body fit and in motion in the best meaning of the term. We work under the belief that cycling, regardless of the type of riding or the bike utilized, is one of the most beautiful ways of movement for the young and elderly. This is something we want to emphasize every day. Make each cycling kilometer an adventure. Our numerous bike teams, which we have either sponsored or run as factory teams over the years, attest to this.

A team like this is always a matter of the heart, a piece of hands-on cycling, an opportunity to gain experience, test new ideas and prototypes, and push the material to its limits.