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10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Buy eMTBs

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“Enough with the e-bikes!” we hear again and again, but one thing is for sure: whether you hate them or love them, sooner or later one will overtake you on the way to the summit. If you can’t beat them, maybe it’s time to embrace them, or at least make up your own mind? Here are 10 reasons why you should give Electric Mountain Bikes (eMTBs) a try.

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1. Reach places you wouldn’t otherwise reach in one day

Thanks to an eMTB you can reach places you won't otherwise reach! 
Buy an electric mountain bike today and experience the fun

There’s a whole world out there waiting for you and sometimes you just can’t fit as much into one weekend as you’d like. Reaching places you wanted to see and then still having enough energy for a few descents – that’s a gift that eMTBs can give you. If you ride an entire trail center in one day or just want to know what’s over the next hill, crank the engine and drop the chain. But make sure you get back before your battery dies or it’ll be a long walk home.

2. Meet new people and make friends.

Meet new People with your eMTB. Buy an electric mountain bike today

Everything that is new and different causes a stir. So, if you don’t have a problem getting everyone’s attention and if you enjoy chatting with strangers, e-mountain bikes are for you. But be warned: after people have picked up your bike and announced that it weighs a ton (or not as much as you thought) they will also want to do a few laps in turbo mode. You run the risk of stopping in the middle of the forest because an overzealous e-bike convert has drained your battery.

3. Take as much as you want: Weight doesn’t matter

Weight doesn't matter with an emtb. see the top 10 reasons why you should buy an electric mountain bike online today.

Haven’t you also been wondering if the third jacket is really necessary and if the whole cheesecake is really necessary for the sugar emergency? Most of the time you’ve probably decided that the weight just isn’t worth it – but now you can just throw everything in the backpack. You can definitely get up the mountain, so enjoy your summit cake in all your jackets!

4. Help a fit friend exercise

Training for a race can be a lonely affair. You have to get the hours together and your buddies just can’t (or don’t want to) keep up on the climbs. An eMTB allows you to ride alongside your training buddies, ask endless questions, and maintain a steady pace (thanks to the display). Please note: Motivating comments such as “Wow, I can outperform you without any effort!” can work, but don’t necessarily have to.

5. Benefit on your normal bike by honing your downhill skills

 Benefit on your normal bike by honing your downhill skills. eMTBs makes it easier for downhill riding. Buy Electric mountain bikes online today.

Practice makes perfect, or at least better. Riding the same trail multiple times makes you more confident and makes you feel comfortable around turns and jumps. You feel lighter, stronger, and more daring when you switch back to your regular bike.

6. Enjoy the descents and not the ascents

“E-mountain bikes are fraud”, we hear that regularly. And it’s undoubtedly true when you’re in a race and you don’t say you’re motorized. Being carried to the summit in a van or lift is actually cheating as well. After all, with the E-MTB you burn more calories, get more fresh air and avoid being crammed into a cramped vehicle that smells like egg sandwiches.

7. Pack a few more trails into your everyday life

riding an eMTB in different trails.

That’s arguably one of the main reasons for eMTBs because they’re not just for the old and sick: they’re great for anyone who’s grown up and realized there’s more to it than blasting through mud puddles or cramming energy bars into the sky to eat the pouring rain. They are good for people with more commitments in their busy lives. After the day at the office, you might have to fix the shed, mow the lawn and visit your mother-in-law on the weekends. Packing multiple runs into the precious 90 minutes of freedom you’ve been able to dig up can give you renewed strength to get the food on the table at home.

8. Get insider knowledge so you can explain to your buddies why eMTBs suck

There will always be haters and we understand that we’re not fans of change either. Our advice to such people would normally be, “Don’t get an e-bike.” But you should know your enemy. So sacrifice yourself for the team and take a walk in the woods so you finally know what you’re talking about on social media.

9. Riding with friends/relatives who have different fitness goals than you

Riding eMTBs with friends and famliy is fun. Buy electric mountain bike online and experience the ride!

It’s not always about the distance covered and rapid descents. Riding an eMTB in a mixed group gives you the chance to ride with your friends/partner/kids/relatives who are on a different level than you. This is how you keep social contacts alive. Mountain biking is great for mental fitness and social interaction is a big part of that. Seeing your bike buddies drop you on climbs can be pretty demotivating. So if you’re faced with the choice of losing a buddy or putting him on an eMTB, go with the E.

10. Have a ton of fun

Have fun with your Electric mountain bike. Buy eMTB online today from

Next challenge: sit on an e-mountain bike, pedal the crank, and try not to grin. E-mountain biking is fun and there is nothing wrong with it. Climbing the mountain as fast as a pro is fun, as is staying close to your buddies, going further than ever before, or surfing a technical section you might otherwise struggle with thanks to the electric assist in the wheelie. It’s different than riding a regular bike, and those who ride e-bikes would never deny that. Throw the prejudices overboard and have fun!

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